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iOS - Download

SDK Download (Version: 4.7.1)

Fundamental SDK
(Require iOS 5+)
Framework SDK
(Require iOS 7+)
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  • Please use Xcode 9 while using version after 4.6.7.

  • You can choose either fundamental SDK or framework SDK for ad integration. If using Framework SDK, you don’t have to reference necessary frameworks, one by one, and it’s lighter than fundamental SDK. However, it requires OS version higher than 7.0. So, if you are targeting at users with device OS lower than 7.0, please use fundamental SDK instead.

Header Download


Adapter Download

AdMob Adapter
(Version: 1.0.5)
MoPub Custom Events
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Sample Code Download

Fundamental Framework AdMob DFP Mogo MoPub
download download download download download download


  1. We provide Objective-C's & Swift's sample code.
  2. There’s no SDK in any Sample Code.
  3. After Integration, please check if it has VponLog:didImpression in Log to make sure the information of impression will send back to our server.
  4. Apple recently revised App Transport Security (ATS), to iOS10. Please refer to this link for some modification.