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iOS - AdMob

iOS mediation

Google AdMob Mediation

Google Admob Mediation document, please refer to here.

Google Ad Network Mediation

  1. Log in Google AdMob. Please log in to your AdMob account 1

  2. Monetise -> + Monetise new app

  3. Select an app:
    (1) Put your app name.
    (2) Select platform.
    (3) Click Add app.

  4. Select ad format and name ad unit:
    (1) Choose “banner” or “interstitial” ad type.
    (2) Setting.
    (3) Ad unit name (ex. Vpon_Banner).
    (4) Save it.

  5. Get an Ad unit ID, then click Done.

  6. Edit mediation

  7. New ad network

  8. Set Vpon into mediation list:
    (1) Find the Vpon Network tag in Available ad netwroks
    (2) Vpon Ad ID: put the Vpon’s Banner ID that you get from vpon’s back office.
    (3) Zone: Choose the region, which you want to request ads from Vpon Platform.

(If the user of your app is from China, you need to fill with cn in this column; otherwise, you need to fill with tw.)

Download Sample Code

Download Sample Code